Our Team

Andrew Cleveland – Owner


Andrew has been keeping fish as long as he can remember.  From 2001 to 2004, Andrew spent his time sailing his boat Tondelayo through the tropics from Los Angeles to Mexico, Central America, the Galapagos, and across many islands in the South Pacific, where he spent countless hours observing marine reef fish in their natural habitat.  In late 2007, he purchased Pacific Pond and Aquarium and has been working full time on ponds and aquariums ever since.  He also has a degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA.  Andrew has both a pond and  couple aquariums.



Dennis – Aquatic Services Technician

Dennis, Aquatic Service Technician


Dennis joined Pacific Pond and Aquarium in 2012 as a novice aquarist, where he has learned the intricacies of fish keeping.  He has had both a 55G saltwater fish-only aquarium, and a planted tank, and services all types of ponds, aquariums and water features here at Pacific Pond and Aquarium. 




DJ –  Senior Aquatic Services Technician

Alex – Aquatic Services Technician

Brandon –  Aquatic Services Technician