Turtle Pond

Turtle Pond built in Encino, completed Feb 2024

Water Wall

14 ft tall – 8 ft wide in Pacific Palisades

See Thru Floor / Pond

Fence and flooring installed because client had young children and it made it safer for them and so they were still able to enjoy. And it looks cool.


From ponds to water falls, we can do it all.

Old School Gravel Filter

We had a client that was having issues with algae with an old pond but limited funds. We created an old school gravel filter for her that works incredibly well in keeping her pond healthy.

Pond Liner Repair

We had a client that had a tear in her pond liner. These actually look like holes chewed by gophers. We drained the pond and patched up, then refilled for leak testing.

Skimmer Repair

Old Aluminum screws dissolve over time and compromise the seal between the skimmer and pond, which allows roots to intrude on your skimmer. We repair by taking everything apart, removing roots, and upgrading to stainless hardware.