Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm

Recently I visited Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm in Kona, Hawaii. It is a family run business incorporated in 1998.

“We used our life savings to start and operate this one-of-a-kind aqua-farm. In July of 1999, our cutting edge technology and hard work paid off with the sales of our first farm raised Mustang seahorses. Ocean Rider has relied on the sales of farm-raised pet seahorses to operate the farm ever since. Ocean Rider has avoided venture capital style funding and now captivity breeds over 25 species of seahorses which you can see up close and personal on our seahorse tours. Our living gene bank is also on display on in our aquarium room!”

“Research and development continues on new species every day. We hope to have all 34 species breeding on our farm soon! Not only are we helping to save the seahorse from extinction and the ocean they live in but we offer you the opportunity to help by choosing farm raised fish over wild caught fish whenever possible. Join us on our Kona Seahorse tours and find out how you can get more involved in protecting our ocean and waterways around the world.”

Ocean Rider, Inc. is an organic Hawaiian-based aqua-farm that follows strict good farming practices in raising seahorses and other aquatic life.

The larval rearing, nursery, and grow-out systems are supplied with a high flow of pristine ocean water that is pumped into our closed facility. This pristine class AA Hawaii oceanic water is pumped into our facility by the Natural Energy Lab. This unlimited water supply water comes from one pipeline that is 125 feet deep and a second pipeline that is 2000 feet deep allowing us to dial in any water temperature we want. This water is considered to be the cleanest in the world as Hawaii is the most isolated island chain in the world. This water is then filtered through large industrial filters down to .1 microns and then passed through an ultraviolet light ensuring that the water remains pristine when it is flowed through their production facility.

To see the amazing work they are doing to inspire ocean awareness by saving the endangered seahorse and sea dragons around the world from extinction through conservation, research, propagation, and education and how you can donate, please visit Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm’s website here.

All information sourced from their website.