All About Algaecides

AlgaeFix® is a highly effective algaecide for string algae.  It works by coating the algae so that it cannot carry out normal cellular functions.

  • IMPORTANT – you need to have an accurate measurement of your pond volume.  Overdosing the pond can be fatal to fish.
  • It will affect completely submerged plants like anacharis.
  • We recommend dosing a bacterial product (PondZyme or MicrobeLift PL) after treatment to help rebalance the pond.

GreenClean® is another effective algaecide for string algae.  It has the same active ingredient as OxyClean and works by putting extra oxygen in the water. 

  • Great for waterfalls or spot treatments.
  • Works best when applied in the morning.
  • Relatively safe for fish.
  • Can raise the pH of the pond, especially if used frequently.
  • Can create foam in your water, typically this clears up in 24-48 hours.

Nualgi® is composed of a nano-sized silica base that carries 12 essential nutrients for diatom.  Nualgi works by fueling growth of diatoms to compete with other algae for nutrients, effectively starving nuisance algae.  The diatoms then feed zooplankton, which are in turn consumed by fish, completing the food chain. 

  • Slight cloudiness after initial application.
  • Can dramatically improve water quality within a few weeks.
  • Do not use other algaecides while using Nualgi.
  • A little of this product goes a very long way.  Do not overdose!

Tetra Pond Anti-Algae Block is a copper-based algaecide. These time-released, slowly dissolving anti-algae blocks clear pond water and help remove slime from sides and bottom. Use 1 Pond Anti-Algae Block per 250 gallons.

  • Effective against all kinds of algae
  • Long lasting.
  • Fish Safe.
  • Not recommended for use with plants.

FritzGuard® is a safe and effective pH buffered water conditioner that neutralizes toxic chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals found in tap water. FritzGuard® promotes healing and reduces fish stress with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and provides necessary electrolytes.

  • Use anytime you are adding fresh water to a pond.
  • DWP now uses chloramines to sanitize water.  Chloramine is very stable, so it does not naturally dissipate as quickly as chlorine.

AccuClear® is a flocculant.  Flocculants make particles in the water stick together so that the filter can trap them more easily. Great for clearing up minor blooms of green water algae and reducing cloudiness.

Pond Zyme® is a concentrated blend of beneficial dry bacteria and barley. Powerful enzymatic action starts working within minutes to break down sludge and debris. Helps prevent organic buildup that clogs pumps and filters to simplify pond maintenance.

  • Naturally conditions water to help maintain a healthy balance in your pond or water garden.
  • 100% natural and safe for all pond fish, plants, and wildlife.

Microbe-Lift PL® is a bacterial starter and booster that helps reduce the buildup of waste from fish and waterfowl, while breaking down uneaten fish food. This helps reduce ammonia and nitrogen levels which can be harmful to your fish. Microbe-Lift PL contains photosynthetic bacteria and heterotrophic bacteria to help clarify cloudy water by promoting flocculation and setting of organic and inorganic particles.

  • Use regularly to help maintain optimum water quality.
  • Use the day after dosing algaecides to help break down dead algae.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us.