All About Algaecides

AlgaeFix┬« is a highly effective algaecide for string algae.  It works by coating the algae so that it cannot carry out normal cellular functions. IMPORTANT – you need to have an accurate measurement of your pond volume.  Overdosing the pond can be fatal to fish. It will affect completely submerged plants like anacharis. We recommend … Read more

Pond Algae Basics and Pond Algae FAQ

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions we get about algae problems in ponds. What is Algae? Algae encompasses a large group of simple photosynthesizing plant-like organisms that range from microscopic single cell algae to giant kelp. In ornamental ponds we typically find 2 kinds of nuisance algae: string algae and “green water” algae. … Read more